Why am I not happy?

God wants me to be happy by relaxing in His power. But I have often responded by choosing anxiety or even despair rather than "letting go and letting God." I have preferred to deal with the tangible rather than with God's power. I will be happy when I praise God with my mouth, study Him with my mind and submit to His will in my everyday actions.

I will not be happy when I am concerned primarily with my own pleasure. Selfishness, pride, and my need to control other people don't really make me happy. Happiness, according to God's plan, comes when I serve the needs of others with the same intensity that I care for my own needs and desires. This is fine when it makes us feel good, as at Christmas. I am not too bad at loving people I love. But God stretches me when He asks me to love those I don't like, even those who are my enemies.

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