Is it a sin to feel inferior?

Feeling inferior is not a sin. Feelings are not wrong. They are neither good nor bad. Our concern should be with what we do with our feelings. Do feelings lead us to good or bad actions? Feeling inferior is wrong when we use the feeling to excuse ourselves from not developing our God-given talents. As long as we say, "I can't do that because I feel inferior" or "I'm afraid to go there because I feel inferior," we don't have to grow into the fullness to which God has called us - that abundant life.

We need to recognize the talents God has given us, then use them to give Him glory. My own struggle with feeling inferior is frequently tied into the comparisons I make between myself and others. If I try to write a book, I can always find someone else who could do it better. If I take up racquet ball or playing the piano or try to start a business or learn a new language - the list is endless - I can always find someone who can do better. Our national psyche is so imbued with the ideal of being number one that we don't risk beginnings because we fear we'll never be the best.

God has made each of us unique. Whatever we do will be special in and of itself. We can use comparisons to improve ourselves but not to hinder risking the use of our talents. One of the most practical ways of overcoming a sense of inferiority is to reach out and build up those who have similar negative feelings. When we do this, wonderful things happen to improve our self-images.

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