Thank you

We often say the words, "Thank you." We use the words in various levels of importance. If you open the door for me, I say "Thank you." If you say, "God bless you." when I sneeze, I say, "Thank you."

There's a deeper level of "Thank you." If you make a big sacrifice of your time or your money to help me out, my "Thank you" is more heartfelt and important.

There's a third level of thanks. This comes when I turn to a person who is a vital part of my life, a person who is an intimate friend. This person has been with me in the ups and downs of my life. He has laughed with me, cried with me and at time when I was making a fool of myself, he lovingly became angry with me. I sincerely turn to this person and say, "You are such a vital part of my life, I am who I am because of you. I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you for helping me be who I am."

We can apply the three levels of "Thank you" to our relationship with God. I say a prayer to find a parking place and one pops us.. "Thank you, God." I see a snow capped mountain and am filled with wonder and hope, "Thank you, God, for the mountain."

On a deeper level, I pray for a reconciliation with my child and low and behold, I get a phone call and we are able to clear up our differences. "Thank you, God, for helping to clear up the differences." Perhaps I pray for a healing of a back ache and it goes away. "Thank you, God, for taking care of my back."

There's a deeper level of "Thank you" that admits God as the source, presence and key to who I am. I look to God as my protection and vital key to forgiveness and peace. In a spirit of total surrender, I admit God is my all and say, "Thank you, God."

This "Thank you" is the key to having relationship that is less one of fear and obligation and habit to one of intimate surrender to intimacy. We can say this deepest, "Thank you" in a moment. It doesn't take long. All we need to do is stop and be quiet and say the words with all the sincerity we can muster. God is too magnanimous to not return our surrender with a powerful embrace of love.

Go ahead. Try it.

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