San Bernardino Fire

I live in San Bernardino, California . I'm the pastor of a parish that was in the middle of the coming together of the Grand Prix and the Old fires. Some of our people have lost their homes. One man lost his lumber business. Many people had to leave their homes.

This week has been very difficult. I found myself spending much time in front of the TV trying to learn of the latest developments. In a few days we've moved from 100 degree weather to down right chilly weather.

I struggle with understanding how God permitted such suffering. My faith is strengthened by the faith of the people I met at the Airport in San Bernardino where I met with people who were forced to leave their homes. Some lost everything. They had faith. They helped me to find God's love when I wondered.

Thank you, God, for the faith you give to your people. They help me in my love for you.

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