What about evolution?

I'm learning in school that everything in the world is evolving. As a Catholic can I believe that?

Yes, you can believe in evolution. Thanks to the discoveries of people like Charles Darwin, we understand that creation evolves. These modifications come about over a long time because of for example, weather changes and ways of gaining better self protection. So an animal might develop more fur or grow a horn to ward off enemies. This is a wonderful wisdom of science. The problem comes when you bring in your faith in God as the creator of all things.

We believe in faith that God created all things. We can also believe that the Lord allows the evolution of creation. Watch out for those who don't have faith. They might want to play down the creation and sustaining of creation by God.


Anonymous said...

i am not so sure we are evolving. i just saw a show on the travel channel which showed two magnificent sculptures that are in a museum in calabria, italy. they come from the pre-roman greek era and they are exquisite. the detail is of level that was thought to be unknown to the ancients.
while it seems we are evolving because of some technological advances in this current era there has been many discoveries which contradict our understanding of what the ancients knew. certainly mankind has not progressed at all in how we treat each other. there are many atrocities today that far surpass what the ancients were capable of and our current understanding of god is not anymore advanced than it was during jesus' time. the bible says the wisdom of man is folly to god.
beware of what our present generation is saying about the past. we live in a know it all, self indulgent time which may be a distortion of the truth.

Anonymous said...

That is a lie from Satan. Evolution is false. Not only is it false, but it has been proven not even possible with modern science. It is against the law of physics. I have no idea why he and the Catholics believe atheist men over God's word. I wish he would do the research to see how much his facts are wrong.

There is so much proof that evolution is false, but the atheist won’t allow it because they are afraid. They know they have no case if all the facts got out. The ACLU has any teacher fired that says anything about it.

Groups of scientist have spoken out against evolution. They talked about how even though scientist know it is against the laws of science to believe in evolution, the reason they believe it is because they are taught that you have to explain creation without God. They don’t believe in God and so they have to find a way to explain it without him.

Scientist even admit there are certain things they don’t understand about evolution that make no sense, but they stick to it because they can’t come up with a better theory. The out spoken scientist have said it would take more faith to believe in evolution then it takes to believe in God.

Saying the marvels of science have shown us evolution is insane. So much of modern day science is a bunch of theories to undermined God. The theory of evolution and other false stuff like dinosaurs being millions of years old when they were on the earth a couple thousand years ago has birthed atheism.

I don’t know if anybody will read this so I won’t go into all the proof. There is more then you can imagine, but if someone is interested, just let me know and then I will go into great detail of it. Not only that but evolution is just a theory and have no idea why he is deceiving so many Catholics into thinking it is a known fact.

This stuff makes me upset because my wife is a Catholic. I would not even care if it was not for this nonsense and lack of trusting God’s word over men’s. The only thing I can figure is the pope says it, so all Catholics have to believe what he says. Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous said...

The last 2 messages I have just read have astounded me. How is it possible that anyone can have the idea that evolution is a false theory? And they said that dinsoaurs were only a couple of thousand years old?? Don't you think they would have been mentioned in the Bible if they were around in biblical times? You only have to read a bit of history to discover that the bible is merely a collection of ancient scriptures cobbled together into a "coherent" document, and this collection was assembled for the purpose of political gain, which is why many acient texts were not approved and so not included. So anyone who reads the Bible as an absolute truth is being a bit naive. The trouble is few people actually read the bible, and are content instead to be told about it, if they read it themselves, cover-to-cover, they would realise what a self-contradicting piece of fiction it is. Rember - these ancient scriptures were written by people who thought the Earth was flat, the sun circled it, and the stars were gods. If there was some kind of Divine intervention invloved in the scriptures, then why don't we find out things about the Universe which later are proven by science? Anyway, I digress from the evolution topic - it just amazes me how the simple mind interprets information - to try and make sense of things it doesn't understand. Evolution is a beautiful theory, which was discovered by Darwin, and has later been proven to be true many times over. Darwin went to his death not knowing how genetics worked, it wasn't unil the famoluse Mendleson's Peas experiment that we started to see how this works, then later with Watson and Crick we discovered the mechanisms behind it. I think the problem some people have with understanding this is the vast timescales involved. You can't compare the modern world with 2000 years ago and say we haven't evolved, the timscale is too small - crocodiles have hardly changed in millions of years, but bacteria will visibly evolve in a matter of days or weeks - it all depends on the generation cycle and environment pressures.

Anthony said...

Whoever went above me has alot of studying to do before you argue a point haha.
Dinosaurs ARE in the bible; a few:
Job 40:15-24
All of Job 41
Psalm 104:25-26
Isa. 27:1

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, they thought the Earth was flat????????
Christopher Columbus thought the Earth was flat. Don't worry people get Christopher Columbus and Isaiah the prophet mixed up all the time haha NOT
Isa. 40:22

You need to do alot of studying ma friend, in scripture (just to make sure you don't get corrected by it) and on evolution, because even what you're arguing for in the realm of evolution could get torn up!

I don't know you, but I love you. I'm praying for your salvation everyday now until i'm lead to stop. Christ died for the sins which you're condemned with. Believe, repent, bear fruit, die. And live forever WITH hope. It's a beautiful life my friend.