We have the best lawyer on our side

When I awake each morning, I turn my thoughts to the Holy Spirit and say a prayer to Him. It's an ancient prayer called "Come, O Creator, blest." I came to know of the prayer when I started high school. Through the prayer, I've developed a deep love and friendship with God the Holy Spirit. I've included parts of the prayer in the little "Pocket Prayers" that I'll be glad to send you free of charge. Look for the free offers on the "home page." Recently I was encouraged by a title for the Holy Spirit I found in the prayer. The prayer calls the Holy Spirit the "Paraclete." Now that certainly is a strange word. The instant image is that of the bird, the parakeet. But no, that's not the meaning. A paraclete is an ancient word for an advocate, a helper or a lawyer. Right away my mind jumped to Johnny Cochrane and the unbelievable job he did in defending O.J. Simpson. Although I didn't like his tactics, I couldn't help fantasizing that if I ever needed a good lawyer, I'd love to have the likes of Johnny Cochrane in my corner. From this I got to thinking that we call the Holy Spirit our "lawyer." Now that's fine isn't it. We have God the Holy Spirit as our lawyer pleasing for us even if our sins and failings would surely be enough to have us condemned. I can't help smiling when I think about the loving friend, the Holy Spirit, I have on my side now and when I come for the time of judgement at the end of my life. Oh, I know this doesn't mean that I have a license to sin. No I must work to fulfill the Lord's will. Still, the Lord Holy Spirit is with me. I have a confidence and security much more than O.J. had.


Anonymous said... name is Freedom,i would like to inquire..ive been separated for 15 years,i was married in civil Registry..there is no Divorcee in Phils.only annulments,i need your help,what should i do.what document should i prepare & how much is the pay,thank you for your kindness...

Wally Arida, Editor said...


You will find the answers you seek in Key in "Annulment" into the search box at the top right of the page. May God bless you.