Why am I a Christian?

The Jewish host on a radio program you believe that Christianity is the true religion?" Now that is a basic question, isn't it? I answered, "Yes. Jesus is the Son of God, the revelation of the Father's love. Yes, Jesus is the key to everyone's salvation."

I have thought much about Jesus. I have asked the important questions about Him. Did He actually live some two thousand years ago? I have studied His life and teaching in Scripture to discover if He is divine. I have read the accounts of Chris tians, who, from the first century to the present and tried to understand the fullness of what Jesus revealed. My conclusion? Jesus was a real person who lived on this earth, and He spoke the truth. He is God.

After I consulted my head, I went to my heart. Jesus is much more than a historically verifiable person to me. I have experienced Him in my life. He is a real person who loves me. I experience this love when I read the Bible, when I see a sunset, and when I am loved by my friends. I experience Jesus' love profoundly through His forgiveness of my many sins.

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