Lonliness and Lent

Sometimes we feel alone. There might be a whole bunch of people around us but we still feel alone. These moments are very painful. We don't know where to turn. All seems lost.
There are to ways to react to this loneliness. We can throw up our hands in despair. We can give in to a deep depression. We can move to suicide.

There's another way of reacting. We can face our emptiness and consciously turn to God and admit to Him that we need Him.

This recourse to God is the key to a successful Lent, to a successful life. We let go of our worry. We admit that God is in control and that He loves us deeply. In this surrender we gain strength and courage to continue.

Try the surrender to the loving embrace of the Lord. It takes no more than a few seconds. This is the solution to being alone, to being lonely. We turn to God our Creator and embrace security and peace.

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