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Les Hawkins said...

What are your thoughts on 2012? I've found a lot of surprising evidence such as following cycles backwards instead of forwards. If you follow the cycles backwards, they line up perfectly with catastrophic events.

Kind of strange... and if not 2012, 2060?

I understand "No man shall know the end of time."

WarforPeace said...

I was a Lutheran (I'm currently leaning majorly towards Roman Catholicism after further study in the Scriptures) and I've decided that I would like to visit a Catholic church in my area to talk to a priest about some issues. I would like to know what I should expect when I visit. I've been told that the service of the Mass is very similar to a Lutheran Mass, but I'd like to see it for myself. Also, my parents (I currently live with them simply to get by temporarily so I can be financially stable until I go to Norway in the Summer) are devout Baptists and they were very aggressive towards my conversion to Lutheranism. They are even more hostile towards Catholicism, which they see as very anti-Christian. I feel as if I'm in a corner and I can't get out, but if I start going to a Catholic church, I'm almost positive that they will eventually find out. How do I get myself out of this situation, or at the very least, how do I endure?

Editor @ said...

Dear Warforpeace,

God bless you on your leap of faith. I suggest you call a local parish in your area and set a meeting with the parish priest. He can answer your questions and make your transition easier.

We also suggest you visit the following website which is a great primer for people like yourself:

And do use our website as your main resource to learn the Catholic faith and to remain strong in its teachings.

God bless you on your spirit-filled journey.

Wally Arida, Publisher

Janet said...

My son followed his Catholic faith until 1999 when he converted to Islam. Is there a support group out there with other parents in this same experience. I so much appreciate reading Fr. Mike's commentary on Salvation of non-Christians. I feel that somewhere my son was confused and his friends in an international club at his university gave him support during a very difficult time in his life.Today, he is a good man, devoted husband and father, and highly regarded and successful as an English teacher in a Muslim school. What can I do to better understand and better convey my own convictions? Bless you Father Manning.

Judith Lane said...

I'm new here and would like to know how God expects me to have anything to do with my adult twin sons who chose a lifestyle of crime, drugs and alcohol over serving God? Most times I feel sinful and guilty and feel like I'm going to go to hell because I just don't feel like praying for them anymore. I love them but hate everything they stand for. To make matters worse, they tell me that I am judging them and that is a sin. I know that, but what am I supposed to do?

Bunzai Meister said...

Hello, I was told I was a bordering on heresy when I was posting to Catholic chat site. I am interested if the following is a dangerous stance for a Catholic to take regarding faith:
"I don't accept Jesus Christ because he has Jewish roots. I accept Jesus Christ because he is the Son of God. However, I am thankful of all the work throughout history that glorifies God, both Jewish and non-Jewish. I am only saying that Jesus is the Christ, because He is the Son of God, not because he derived any power from fulfilling Jewish prophecies."