How can i find God's will for me?

Discerning God's will is often difficult, but He has given us several means to do it. The first way is devout prayer, which includes listening. We often ask God in prayer to guide us, but we don't wait in silence for an answer! Another problem is that if we do listen, God's answer may be something we prefer not to hear.

Our prayer to find God's will should be combined with the reading of Scripture. Find a Bible that has a topic reference, and then read the various passages that pertain to your struggle. Look to the example of good people you know or have read about. There are others, just like you, who have wrestled with the same dilemma. Talk with people in your praying community. Seek their direction and their prayers. Once you believe you have discerned God's will, move in that direction with conviction.

You will know you are doing God's will when His signs of peace, love, and joy accompany your actions. At other times you will not be completely confident that you should act one way or the other. Given such confusion, many people stagnate in indecision. Sometimes we have to act without the security of complete certitude. Throughout history God has called people to step out in faith in spite of questions and doubts


Anonymous said...

I once thought I knew God's will with certainty and I joyfully and eagerly pursued it. I ran into so many difficulties and eventually utter failure. Even after the failure I still pursued it only to find myself mentally and emotionally exhausted. I entered a state of despair and darkness over my failure. My life moved me into a different direction and I no longer had the energy to resist it. I cried for about 9 1/2 months that I could not and did not fulfill the mission I was so certain was God's will. Even to this day I struggle with whether or not it is God's will for me to "let go" and let it be what it is or pursue it again now that I have regained a little strength. Nothing seems to be clear. I have resigned myself to the "path of least resistance" and I beg God to be merciful. I tell God that if He wants my life to be different He will have to make it that way because some things are just out of my control. I do have a hard time shaking the feeling that I let God down. My relationship with God just doesn't seem the same. Not only is the joy gone from pursuing what "I was sure was God's will" but the joy is also gone from life in general. I have big life altering events coming up in my life and I can't even muster up any excitement. I am afraid of living contrary to God's will and I'm not sure that I am anymore. It grieves me that I may not be doing it and it scares me that I might lose my soul for God say that "He who does the will of my Father," is the one who goes to heaven. I just have to hope that God will be merciful to me. I did my best but failed miserably. I wish I could find peace and joy again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can relate to you, Anonymous. I've been in the same boat & feel the same as you. I was so sure of God's Will, too-2 times! It's very humbling for it not to go through, but, I think He is molding us, so we'll be ready in the future & teaching us to keep asking like the woman bugging the judge in the Bible. Another thing that's helping is a priest prayed for my healing. I felt tears & then my true self started to emerge again-been lighter, laughing & hoping for the Joy again. God IS Merciful. Sometimes I feel like I don't need to beg for mercy because He is so kind & merciful-maybe You're doubting His Mercy? He wants us in Heaven with Him. He will help us : ) let's have Faith. This is my 1st time here; don't know if it was OK to reply. Just wanted to comfort you. God bless!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're giving up. God wants us to persevere. If another person(s) is depending on you to do what you believe to be God's Will because it brings you Joy & Peace pursuing it, then it makes sense you are in despair letting go of something precious from God.
I speak from my own experience, so this might not apply to you. When our dear friend moved away, I felt like he cut us off. I was deeply grieved. I feel our friendship is a Gift from God-His Will. It hurts very deeply that he would reject what I believe to be God's Will because it brings me Joy & Peace, too. I'm trying to figure out how to move forward out of my stuckness. I felt he was the catalyst we needed to help us, because I trusted him-trust doesn't come easy for me. Sometimes people listen to people instead of God. This must grieve the Holy Spirit when we ignore His promptings. I think it's the most important thing to spend time in quiet, listening for God to guide us to His Will so we can have Heaven here on earth & eternity. If we put God 1st & obey Him through His Word, prayer, & especially by the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I think we'll have our Joy & Peace back. Let's listen to the Holy Spirit in our hearts & let Him lead us. Amen