Would you encourage a Catholic who wants to go to a non-denominational Bible study?

By Fr. Mike Manning, SVD

That's like asking if you can send your child to any college he chooses. It all depends on who the teachers are and what they are teaching.

If you are a Catholic, I advise you to be discreet in choosing a Bible class. Remember that there can be differences in understanding the revelation of Jesus. You might find a non-Catholic teacher who plays down the importance of Peter as the head of the apostles or for whom the Eucharist might only be a symbol or who says Mary might have had children other than Jesus or that Jesus might not be seen as equal with the Father and Holy Spirit.

Even the best intended nondenominational Bible study groups can hold beliefs contrary to Catholic teaching. If you don't have a good grasp on why you are a Catholic, perhaps you'll begin to doubt some of the teaching of the Church.

Before you begin Bible study in a nondenominational group, make sure you are well founded in the Catholic faith or have access to persons who can give you the Catholic interpretation of the Bible.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Father. My in-laws are Cathoic and my husband and I currently attend a nondemonational church. We have held bible studies with our catholic, baptist, and non demonational family and friends. I have found that in leading this study that it is important that we stay focused on the big picture and how that impacts us each individually. We teach that this is a discussion time, worship time by reading and interpreting the scriptures together. Christians need to protect our Unity in Christ, not split hairs over doctrine, The Holy Spirit will check each one of us if the doctrine is false. Most importantly we each need to have that relationship with God, through Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit to know the truth from the lie. Pursue Wisdom and Understanding...amen